Kwik Goal

Photo of Kwik Goal Official Field Hockey Goal KWIK GOAL

Official Field Hockey Goal: 2F501

Includes: 2.5mm black net
4 semi-permanent ground anchors
2 Saddle Anchor Bags
3 each 18"H bottom boards
Tamper Resistant Net Clips

$4,650 (pair)

Photo of Kwik Goal Wheel Option KWIK GOAL

Wheel Option: 10B404

1 set per goal
Set of 2 Reliance Turf Pro No-Flat tires
2 Saddle Anchor Bags
Wheel bracket rotates allowing goal
to be lifted off ground and easily pushed


Replacement Net: 3F501

$200 EACH

Poly Board Conversion Kit: 10F102



Photo of Jaypro Official Field Hockey Goal Package
Official Field Hockey Goal Package: OFHG7124PKG

$2,999 Steel Frame 570lbs

$3,199 Aluminum Frame 400lbs

$1,650 Steel Frame WITHOUT Bottom Boards 416lbs

ALL OFGH7124 PACKAGES includes:

and Wheel Kit
Your choice of Frame!

Replacement Parts

Photo of Jaypro Bottom Boards
Bottom Boards: FHG-16

$1,254 (pair)

Photo of Nets
Nets: FHND-8

$200 (pair)

Photo of Jaypro Optional Wheel Kit
Wheel Kit: FHGWK

Modifies 1 Pair of Goals

$399 (pair)

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